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Regina Gustafson Ewing


As an Independent centrist my goal is to reach across party lines to find truth and push for compromise.  I am not afraid to say what I feel  are bad decisions, no matter who made them. I want to work for you.   Legislate for the people, not for a party.  I want to work to bring back more factual news sources so we, as Americans, can make decisions and formulate opinions on what we all can trust. 
The only promise I can truly make and keep, if elected, is to be transparent, lead with integrity honesty, civility and with the needs of those in my district and across this great land always my highest priority.I have nothing to gain but a  less divided, more tolerant, more compassionate, more trusting, less hateful and Covid free America. . for ALL Americans.  No more “US” and “THEM”.   No more middle school playground name calling and bullying that wastes precious time and energy creating a distraction from urgent matters that need attention and action.
Please ask me my position on every and any issue that is important to you and I will honestly tell you.  Ask me about my life my experiences and I will tell you the truth.  Ask me to find or confirm something and I will do everything in my power to find the answer.  This I can promise.

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Regina Gustafson Ewing

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